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Bio links which are (and are not) allowed by Instagram 6 minutes read

Instagram Bio Links Complaint

Recently, several Instagram users have complained about running into a problem when trying to edit their bios. These users state that they are unable to add links in their bios. Adding a link to your bio is a great way to draw people’s attention towards something important and encourage them to take action by making the link accessible. Do not be surprised, however, if you encounter an error message saying “Link Not Allowed” when you try to add a URL to your Instagram bio.


Weirdly enough, Instagram is yet to speak out about this issue in explicit terms. So it is up to the users to try and figure out why this error arises and if there is a way to skirt around it. But instead of taking it upon yourself to test out various kinds of bio links and putting your own Instagram account in danger, the best thing to do is to refer to the experts. We have compiled a definitive list of all of the possible reasons why Instagram may prohibit you from adding a link in your bio. We will also guide you regarding how to fix this error and avoid running into it altogether in the foreseeable future.


Valid Links for Instagram Bios

Here are some examples of the kinds of links that Instagram allows users to put in their bios:


        A link to your website (for example, an online portfolio page like

        A link to your blog (such as on WordPress, Medium, or any other platform).

        Links to contests, surveys, and sales pages.

        Links to coupons or other free items.

        Links to videos (on platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Video, etc.).


Forbidden Links for Instagram Bios

On the other hand, here is a list of links that are not permitted to be placed in Instagram bios:


        Links to your Snapchat account.

        Telegram links.

        Links to web pages that are available under multiple addresses at once (meaning you cannot use links meant for URL forwarding, multiple redirections, etc.).

        Links to websites having spam text and hidden spam links.

        Sites with explicit content (that is not suitable for children under the age of 16).

        If the link is posted in the bios of multiple other accounts simultaneously.

        Any direct links to ‘follow’ an account on another site.

        Some users have reported trouble when trying to add or Shopname links.

        Certain affiliate links are also prohibited from Instagram bios.


Now That My Instagram Bio Link is Banned- What Do I Do?

If you find yourself in such a position, you will be glad to know that the solution is as easy as removing the link from your bio. Once you remove the bio link, the ban will be uplifted. Make sure that you leave that URL field empty for a period of time. In case the ban results in your Instagram activity becoming limited, wait for the limitations to be removed before adding a new link. Even if your activity was not restricted, the best practice is to wait at least half an hour before adding a new link.


If you are trying to add a creation in particular, make sure you browse through the prohibitions and permissions mentioned above first. In case the issue still persists and you still cannot add a link to your bio, fill this form to get in touch with the Instagram Help Center:


URL Shortening for Instagram Bio

As mentioned above, the same link being added to multiple Instagram account bios at the same time can cause it to get banned. This can happen if you are taking the action at the same time as your colleagues, friends, or even fellow fandom members.


The simplest workaround for this issue is for you to use a URL shortening service like If you do use, please make sure that you are not shortening a link that leads to spam or inappropriate content. Such unacceptable activity will result in the closure of your account.


When All Else Fails

Sometimes, even removing or changing the link may not solve the problem. If this continues to happen with a link you know is not spam or inappropriate, it is most likely getting banned because of your IP address. Such bans are usually placed when sudden or unusual bursts of activity are detected by the Instagram algorithms.


If you find yourself in such a situation, do not panic as it is only temporary. The algorithm can mistakenly report regular activity just to be on the safe side. For example, it may limit your unfollow feature for a short period of time if you unfollow 10 accounts in a row after being inactive for a week.


What to Do in Case of an IP Ban?

In order to get around an IP ban, switch to another network. For example, you can try using your workplace WiFi or use the HotSpot on your phone. Another solution would be to use a VPN to connect to Instagram since it masks your IP.


While this may solve your current predicament, make sure you do abuse this method. Frequently changing your IP addresses can result in even greater repercussions than the inability to like, comment, and follow other accounts for a week.


Is it Safe to Post Non-Approved Links on Landing Pages, like

In theory, posting a link to your Telegram or Snapchat on a micro-landing page like should be fine. But you have to remember that inner workings of the Instagram algorithms and automation system are not completely known to anyone. That is why it is in your best interest to be as cautious as possible and stay on the right side of things. Even if you are using a landing page, we recommend only posting links that would be acceptable as your main bio link.


Things to Avoid Putting on your Page

Following are a few things and types of content that you should definitely steer clear of putting on your page as they are bound to get your account in trouble:


        Links to websites with explicit content (that is not suitable for children under 16 years of age).

        Links to phishing sites or spam content.

        Links to websites that imitate other sites and platforms.

        Links that consider words that may trigger the Instagram profanity filter.


The last point can be a bit difficult to understand since it is quite vague. It means that you should certainly steer clear of swear words or words having any sexual connotations. Carefully deliberate the words that you are putting in your bio, as they may be flagged even if you meant them in an innocent context. We have heard of people having their bio links disabled for linking to a lipstick with the word “nude” in its name!


So review your content, thoroughly vet your links, and always tread carefully to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Last updated on: 24 September, 2020